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Hp Pavilion 15 Intel I7-6500u 8GB 1TB 15″ Webcam Win 10 WHITE Online

Hp Pavilion 15 Intel I7

Hp Pavilion 15 Intel I7-6500u 8GB 1TB 15″ Webcam Win 10 WHITE in Manufacturer Refurbished laptops Grade A condition with HDMI, 3 x USB Ports, Webcam, SD Card Reader, DVDRW and Windows 10 Pre-Installed. The Hp G6 is in Grade A condition and has one light scratch on the lid, it has been Refurbished by the Manufacturer and like new!

This Refurbished Laptop has a 15″ clear 1920×1080 high resolution resolution screen and preloaded with Windows 10 Professional, microsoft Office can be Installed for an extra £34.95

These are in stock and can be dispatched for a next day delivery.



Refurbished Hp Pavilion 15 Intel i5-7200u 8GB 1TB 15″ Webcam Win 10

Grade A Excellent Condition.

15 reviews for Hp Pavilion 15 Intel I7-6500u 8GB 1TB 15″ Webcam Win 10 WHITE Online

  1. شركة سيو

    يفعل كل ما يعد به. أيضًا ، يمكنك بسهولة وضع 8 جيجا بايت أخرى من الكبش وهو سريع للغاية الآن!

  2. افضل شركة سيو عربية

    This computer was JUNK. Definitely had better luck with Lenovo and will stick with the go-to.

  3. Horacio

    Just picked this up for my daughter for college. Does everything she needs to do. I would recommend this to any college student.

  4. Carma

    Bought this smaller but powerful laptop to be our “travel” PC. Loaded dual profiles for my wife and I and it works great. Great price great unit!

  5. Debora

    First refurbished unit wouldn’t power on. Easy exchange with the store and re-purchased another one. Only issue is a dead pixel/spot on the screen, so I’ll contact the tech support to get fixed.

  6. SEO agency

    Computer seems to work perfect for what I need so far but the quality of the Camera is far worse than I expected in comparison to the rest of the specs. Just my opinion because I’m not a tech person per se so I could be wrong.

  7. Roland

    This worked great. It’s fast, is reliable, boots up quickly, downloads files quickly, opens apps quickly, doesn’t slow down. It’s a nice business machine that I bought for remote connection to my workplace.

  8. Anton

    For the money, this refurb is rock solid. It performs like it was brand new. So far no issues with either hardware or software. And the case also looks brand new.

  9. Doreen

    if you are looking to save some money, look no farther. This Refurb laptop is great for the price.

  10. Tammy

    Does everything it promises. Also, easily put another 8gigs of ram in and it’s super fast now!

  11. Alta

    I can record game play videos without any problems and it runs so fast! Haven’t any issues at all! This laptop was 100% worth the price . I was so nervous about spending so much!

  12. Jacques

    Description said it was touchscreen. It wasn’t. Returned it for a different model. It looked and started up easily.

  13. Rubin

    The starting logo pops up for a second, then the screen goes black and the inner fan system starts whirring extremely loudly. I let it sit and don’t mess with it, hoping it will eventually turn on. It has been over half an hour now, and there has been no change–the screen is still black, fans are still going non-stop, and the laptop is otherwise non-responsive. If I could give a zero star review–I would. This is completely unacceptable, and I will be weary about ever buying a “verified refurbished” device of any kind again.

  14. Kristin

    Solid state hard drive allows for fast installs, boot, and program load ups.
    Literally could not hear it in my office.

  15. Sean

    I am very happy with my purchase. I will do it again and have recommended it to my family and friends. I think it is important to purchase a refurbished item from a reputable place like Tech and telephony ltd. They provide quality supplies from a certified source.

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