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Dell Inspiron 5558 Intel I5-5200u 8GB 1TB 15.6″ DVDRW Webcam Win 10 Pro Online

Dell Inspiron 5558 Intel I5

With an Intel core i5 Fith Generation processor, 8GB of memory and a 1TB Hard Drive with a 15 ” 1366 x 768 screen resolution and NVIDIA GeForce 920m Graphics

Condition – Grade B condition with a few light scratches on the lid and 3 white marks on screen.

NVIDIA GeForce 920m Graphics

The NVIDIA GeForce 920M (sometimes also NVIDIA GeForce GT 920M) is an entry level DirectX 12 graphics card. It is based on the 28 nm Kepler architecture and uses the same GK208 chip as the GeForce GT 730M, 825M and 740M. The 384 shaders are clocked at 954 MHz, while the memory (64-bit DDR3 interface) runs at 900 MHz (1800 MHz effective). These are very good specs of the Dell Inspiron 5558 Intel I5.




Grade B condition-scratches on lid and 3 big white marks on screen, NVIDEA GeForce 920m Graphics

8 reviews for Dell Inspiron 5558 Intel I5-5200u 8GB 1TB 15.6″ DVDRW Webcam Win 10 Pro Online

  1. Deloris

    Very professional and durable model, not a cheap home laptop.This is designed for business but works great for home use.

  2. Ouida

    if you value portability and battery life, this is definitely the best laptop to get. the only disadvantage is its resolution of the screen, but from personal experience, it’s not as bad as you would think.

  3. Neal

    Having this as a student is a great advantage! If you can get a reasonably recent macbook for under $600, the value is crazy good.

  4. Tania

    I enjoy this product a lot, it’s not heavy, it’s not large and really useful for travel.

  5. دعم السناب

    Great product. Very easy to use. Pack easily for work, entertainment and travel. I will definitely encourage friends and family to purchase this laptop.

  6. Britt

    Good for casual use and for school, great price and works well

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