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Buy Dell Inspiron 5378 Intel I5-7200U 16GB 256GB SSD 13.3″ Webcam Win 10 Online

Dell Inspiron 5378 Intel I5

Enhanced data protection: Data security is key in protecting your business and employees. Dell Data Protection is a suite of security software programs offered on each Latitude 3000 Series system. Endpoint security, advanced user authentication and data encryption software all work cohesively to safeguard your data from threats and hacks.

Reliable and manageable

Dell Inspiron 5378 Intel I5 Easy to manage:

Dell Client Command Suite comes with a set of automation tools that assists in device monitoring, deploying images, updating and more, to maximize your hardware and software investments and save time.

Dell Inspiron 5378 Intel I5 Outstanding reliability:

Your Latitude 15 features a durable, built-to-last chassis that has undergone extensive military-grade MIL-STD 810G testing to ensure your system can withstand real-world conditions.

Power your workday:

7th Gen Intel Core i7 processors deliver the power you need for optimum productivity. The DDR4 memory boosts transfer rates while using less voltage, making your Latitude run faster and more efficiently.

We ship used laptops sealed.



Designed for essential tasks

Flexible connectivity: VGA, HDMI, RJ-45 and USB Type A ports let you go dongle free and accommodate your legacy connections.

Work together with ease: The extended 180-degree hinge is smooth, flexible and durable so you can collaborate effectively.

Take your work with you: At less than 24mm thin and weighing less than 2kg, your Latitude is travel ready.

14 reviews for Buy Dell Inspiron 5378 Intel I5-7200U 16GB 256GB SSD 13.3″ Webcam Win 10 Online

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  2. Avatar Of Fiona


    I am mostly satisfied with this refurbed machine. 480G SSD is great for the price I paid. Unfortunately there is no HDMI port so I had to spend an exra $40 for a VGA to HDMI adapter.

  3. Avatar Of Johnny


    Correspond exactement à mes attentes. Bel écran, batterie qui dure une petite journée de travail (environ 7 heures) en utilisant les outils bureautique classique et le réseau connecté. La charge se fait en environ 1 heure.

  4. Avatar Of Beatriz


    Lightweight, relatively easy to use. My daughter is happy with it, uses for school and games.

  5. Avatar Of Thurman


    s a writer, I demand a good keyboard, and this machine doesn’t disappoint. No, this machine won’t keep up with the computational requirements to properly render online 3D games. But if all you want to do is surf the web, do email, write, or even watch streaming videos, then this machine is a pleasure to use.

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    Its great for zoom meetings and other simple things. Runs well It came with a Microsoft 30 day trial of WORD. It was worth the price I paid. Also great for remote learning for the kids.

  7. Avatar Of Isaac


    Purchased for my daughter to use for school. Perfect size. Easy to use. Great price! She loves it!

  8. Avatar Of Marianne


    The streambook laptop is great for its price, its speed is great. It’s great for students, I bought it for my son, he loves it! I bought three 1 for me and 1 for my son and my wife has a macOS but her macOS is glitter so she likes this one better so I bought one for her as well. I love to watch anime and so does my son and I like to explore the possibilities on the internet, which is great for my liking. Overall it’s Great! Amazing for kids, such as students!

  9. Avatar Of Bryce


    Easy to use, at a reasonable price. Love it very much.

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    Needed a laptop for back to school and this was perfect not only the size but the price and love it that is in white

  11. Avatar Of Kendall


    I purchased for my 7-year-old to start her e-learning. So far no issues and she is using it for her virtual dance classes as well with no problem. Faster than what I was expecting for sure, cute, lightweight and just perfect for what it was purchased for.

  12. Avatar Of محمدان


    أسهل لإعداد الآخرين. أحب كم هو خفيف. لا يزال يتعود عليه ، لكنه يعمل بشكل كاف

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  14. Avatar Of Janina


    Bought for personal use. Power and portability were main reasons & that certainly was met. It is somewhat pricey, but it’s hard to find a system that checks all the boxes at an affordable price.

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